n2Vin Technology

Premium Importers is Singapore's distributor of n2Vin wine preservation and dispense technology, proven to keep open wine fresh for one month.

We use the n2Vin in all our outlets and love its simplicity and flexibility. Our wine store sells Australian wines which includes sparkling, still, red, white, rose, fortified and dessert wines, as well as organic, biodynamic wine, fruit wines, boutique beer and ciders.

n2Vin Products

WSA awardsSpeed Rail - A non-refrigerated commercial wine saver, simple push-button dispensing no pumps, balloons, floating disks, or needles


WSA awardsn2Vin 'Manual' - Traditional 5 bottle system, comes in manual or electronic controlled dispensing taps

WSA awardsn2Vin 'POS' - Scalable wine-by-glass technology, offering integration with a variety of POS systems in one great package


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Why choose n2Vin ?

WSA awards Wine preservation systems are expensive and hard to operate, easily preserve wines in opened bottles much better than vacuum and spray cans. Bottles always remain closed in our n2Vin System which eliminates repeated, exposure, agitation, and progressive absorption of oxygen into the wine -pour after pour as happens with vacuum and spray can methods. n2Vin is also simpler and faster to operate. They require only a one-time connection for the life of the bottle, no need for series of vacuum or spray treatments glass after glass.